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The Story of Kindness Vegan

'Kindness Cafe', Darlinghurst, was founded in 2016 by Dee Kittimorakul as a place to practice the simple and sustainable lifestyle values of her childhood growing up in Thailand. In 2021, Dee continues to sell products such as curry pastes and sauces under the brand of 'Kindness Cafe', while the restaurant kitchen has since changed hands over to Henry and Lily and been rebranded to 'Kindness Vegan Kitchen'.

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The Evolution of Kindness Cafe

Inspired by her childhood growing up in Mae Chan, a small town in Chiang Rai Northern Thailand, Dee founded Kindness Cafe to apply her grandmother’s holistic approach to daily life into her own. She remembers her grandmother’s recipes for all kinds of sickness & pain, using cotton cloths for dish washing, a mixture of charcoal and salt to brush their teeth and coconut oil for skin and hair.

A simpler more peaceful lifestyle where walking, cycling or taking the bus was the way to travel, growing your own food and the idea of community and sharing was the key to happiness. Nothing was taken for granted and the utilising nature in a sustainable way was highly valued.

While Dee opened 'Kindness Cafe' in Darlinghurst, she has since passed on the torch to Henry and Lily, moving on to focus on a range of products that promote these ideals and a sustainable way of living.

"We cooked 3 big pots of your massaman curry for our engagement party—was delicious!"

Sophia V

Going Straight to the Source

Travelling back home to Thailand, Dee was able to find local farmers to provide the freshest ingredients for her pastes.

“Can I visit the farm?” 

Dee often reminisces about her adventurous journey to the locally owned farms, bouncing around in the back of the pick-up truck as it navigated the rocky roads to meet the local farmers. 

Fresh Ingredients

Dee was in awe of the luscious plantations full of fresh colourful chillies, giant galangal and plump peppercorns. Seeing them grow wild and free brought back childhood memories of watching her grandmother making healthy organic remedies with fresh ingredients from her backyard. She hopes that you enjoy Kindness Cafe curry pastes, made from sustainably grown Thai ingredients with no preservatives. 


The factory uses all natural, plant-based ingredients grown by the local farmers which are blended and bottled. Previously, the factory only used disposable plastic pouches and had no reusable alternative. Since Kindness Cafe aims to reduce waste, Dee worked closely with the factory to introduce glass packaging. These jars are perfect for keeping Kindness Cafe’s curry pastes fresh and can be reused or recycled.